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Saturday, March 1, 2014

I'm Alive!!!

She breathes, she moves , she is reborn. Hi all I am happy to say that I will be posting again . I don't know about what yet but I'm sure my mind can come up with things or better yet I will post topics that are relevant to my life right now and those revolve around food, my baby and my family. Stick around folks this blog is up for renovation hahahahah or revamp or reinvention or hmmmm what was I saying? Oh yes the new bloggie of mine. Yeah yeah you wavy red thing you under a word, I know it's not an acceptable word but it does sound cute and I like it. I will talk more on Monday after I help with a catering so watch out people because I'll be bigger than ever and I don't mean my size well I am big but it's not what I am saying.. Jezzz better not explain and I let you be the judge.