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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Shine like the stars!

I have been surfing the web to find suitable dating sites so I can find a man for myself but I am stumped because in some sites you can just introduce yourself and wait for someone to write you or find someone you can write but it takes a long time. I wanted to find a site where I can directly talk to a person and exchange views and see his expression as we talk. My friend Pal and I have the same problem because let us not hide the truth some men just don't dig big women like me but still I believe that there are exceptions to the rule.

Luckily I found bbw chat. It is a place where women like us can go and let our hairs down and just be ourselves without worrying about being judged. It is free to join and the minute you make an account you can then meet people in a snap. You can be on live cam and talk your heart out at the same time meet people all over the place from all walks of life.My fingers are itching to create an account. So all you big single ladies out there it is our time to shine and show the world what we can do.

Family Visit.

We have a visitor today. My uncle Ruvi and my aunt Christina and cousins Kathy, Rufy and hi gf Jill came over for a visit. Although our house is small they are staying overnight here. Mom and I just brought the mattress down and covered it with some blanket and we have an instant bed , you know japanese style because we just placed it in the floor. The wife of my cousin Kathy is staying upstairs in my mom's room where I sleep because it is air conditioned there and it gets hot at times. My aunt and uncle just wanted to stay down because he has a fever and his sinusitis is acting up. Rufy who I call Bitch went with his gf. Our greeting whenever we meet would be " Hi Bitch" or sometimes " Hi whore" I know it sounds bad but it's just fun for us. I hope we can spend time with each other in his visit here. I just have to wait and see.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My comfort space!

I have been so busy lately that I haven't had time to cook anymore. I really miss it. I plan to cook something for my friends in the next couple of days so that will make me busy again but I love it. As I have said in my previous posts that we have just transferred to a new apartment and I was adamant when we were looking for apartments to inspect the kitchen sinks because after all it will be the place where I will usually be doing the washing after I do the cooking. Ours is not that big but it is deep and a good quality. One day when I will have a house of my own I promised myself that the most beautiful part of my house will be my kitchen. I want to have big cupboards and a big refrigerator and I must have a complete set of cooking and baking utensils.

I noticed as I browse online that sinks usa has some very good sinks available. I specially love the double bowl sink because two person can use it simultaneously. Aside from it being practical it is made of stainless steel so there won't be rusting and chipping.They are also affordable and can match any kitchen design or layout. And the most important one is that they are very easy to clean and they can last a long long time.

CDP victory party pics

As I said in my previous post I went to the CDP (Cacoy Doce Pares) victory party and I promised to take pics and I will be posting them here. I had a blast yesterday we drank about 4 bottles of flavored wine but you can consider them lady's drink. I had some tequila shots as well but still I didn't get drunk but anyway I had lots and lots of fun.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Beautify the home!

We just transferred to a new apartment not long ago and I have a lot of stuff to deal with but not a lot of space to place them. I have lots and lots of romantic novels which I love to read, recipe books that I constantly use because I love to cook and the shoes that I love to wear not to mention my little decoration trinkets. Right now some of my things are still in their respective boxes. I have been planning to do some home improvements without actually doing too much damage on the place. I want to make a detachable shelf without those nails or screw damaging the walls. My stepdad is handy when it comes to carpentry so I'm gonna pester him about it hahahahaha.

On another note my mom loves her plant and wanted to liven up the place so what she did was put up some wood on the walls outside the apartment and hanged some plants. It sure made a lot of difference in beautifying the place.In fact here are the before and after look.

Mom and I love looking at some Home Improvement Blog online. We found a good blog with great ideas to offer in different categories too and that is the Luxury Housing Trends and Home Improvement ideas. I particularly love those End Grain Wood cutting board for the kitchen in their accessories category and mom loved the Columnar Apple trees for patios and small yards found in the lawn and garden category.She is just so crazy about apple trees.We can't wait to browse for more so come join us.

It's Party time again!

As I was browsing and blogging my mobile phone alerted me to a text message and it was a damn good news that I just have to blog about it. You guys know that I recently helped in the Cacoy Doce Pares tournament as I posted a blog about it yesterday, well today the CDP players will have a victory party and at the same time celebrate a birthday party for one of Grandmaster Cacoy's grandson Chuck. Hmmm it is eating time again. Yipeeeee. Today I will definitely take pics with myself in it by hook or by crook.

Flirting with a flare!

I have been blogging about my single friends that I forgot that I am single too. Just the other night I was telling my sister that I am getting tired of my single status so she said why don't I try and go to the online dating sites that I found for my friends or the sites that they found themselves. Well that isn't a bad idea after all she did find her mate online.

Now a days it is very hard to find a serious partner without them worrying where to get the necessary finances to perhaps come meet you or just shower you with gifts and treat you like a princess. Well I don't think I have to worry about that anymore because I found a free millionaire dating site. What I really love about this site is that it is free and hassle free. Why hassle free you might ask me? Well for 1 you don't need cash or a credit card to enter, 2 you can be yourself and not worry that you might inconvenience anyone financially and 3 you can upload stuff and be on cam and look at cams of other members. It is not only for women but for men too. So to all you guys and gals out there who are single, what are you waiting for? Be a member today but leave a slot for me hahahahaha.

Perfect blend of friendship award!

While I was having my mini vacation in Ormoc City I received this award from a very good friend who I met here in the blogshere. Ladies and gentlemen I would like to extend my thanks to SHYDUB of A simple happy Life for presenting me this PERFECT BLEND OF FRIENDSHIP AWARD award (sniff, sniff). Thanks for the vote of confidence.

I would also like to thank Fairytale saloon for my hair and make-up, the Gruesome Ogre boutique for my gown and The Three blind mice nail saloon for my colorful nails.HAHAHAHAHA. Kidding Aside I would like to give this award to the following people : Lods, Meryl, Ms. Recipe, Forgetful Princess, and Davida . You guys rock

Hang-ups shakedown!

Just the other day I was talking to a friend of mine who has been single for a while and she has a cute little girl. I keep asking her why she is still single and her favorite answer " Can't find a guy who can accept my daughter." I thought to myself how come? I mean she is a very nice lady and her daughter is so cute that I just want to squeeze her but not too much though hahahahah we don't need to squeeze out all the air. So anyway I told my friend to try internet chatting as it is all the rage right now. She seems very sure that no one would want her because she is a single parent but I hurriedly disabuse her of that perception. I know that she can find single parent chatrooms in the web and I was right. She found the single parent chat city and not only is it easy to join but it is free too.

There I told her that she can let her hair down and enjoy herself and let go of all those doubts and negative thinking because in this site she will be meeting people who are single and parents at the same time. She can turn on her cam and chat with other people with cam too and I know that she won't be single for long.

The heat is on!

Now that summer time is coming up it is imperative that we must remain cool and calm so we can enjoy ourselves. I know that people will be going out to the beach, going to malls or just laze around the house reading a book or watching favorite tv shows or movies, I don't know which I will be but I will definitely be doing something.

People have been sick during summer time from the heat as well as get sick from the cold during winter days so we both need heating and cooling for this problem. James who is a friend of mine who lives in texas has had problems with heat in the past so I told him that what he needs is Austin HVAC Air Conditioner. The Dayton air conditioning and heating contractor have been in the cooling and heating business since 1991 so that's a long time to base experience from. They are a small company by design with few employees but very well trained ones. They are very particular with quality work. They specialize in heating and air conditioning repair, new replacement system and many more.They just don't give out estimates but they will visit your place to check things out and make sure that you will be getting the appropriate system suited to your needs. And one more thing, they are always on time and time as we all know is an important factor in our lives specially with our economy now a days. This I know for a fact, James will be a happy happy man after this.

Cacoy Doce Pares World Tournament

Finally I got a good days rest today after 3 days of gruelling work at the tournament. I am one of the officials at the table incharge of the scores sheets and noting down the winners. The tournament was both fun and exciting. There were a lot of contenders here both Filipinos and foreigners. There were delegates from Australia, USA, Indonesia, New Zealand, Spain, England, Poland and of course the Philippines.

Watching the fights made my heart pound with excitement. Not only were there fights there but there were Forms (KATA) performed too. As busy as I was, taking pics was almost impossible but I did get a few. Will add videos later.

Friday, April 24, 2009

A chance of a lifetime!

Ever since I was a little girl I have always dreamed of riding those huge ferris wheels I see on tv and in magazines.I can't say that I haven't ridden a ferris wheel because I have but they aren't as big as those I saw on the television. I never had a problem of throwing up or getting a queasy stomach when I rode those rides so for that I am very thankful.Now that I am older and can take a vacation I want to visit lots of places and one of them is Florida. I have heard from friends and family how wonderful it is to go in Kissimmee. When I heard about this I was so elated because they have World class Theme parks and not only that but you can go shopping,golfing and one of my favorite things to do which is tadaaa drum roll please... dining. Hmmmm just thinking about visiting the SeaWorld Orlando is in itself a treat. I want to see those whales jump up and do tricks and most importantly I want to pet a dolphin.

My excitement doesn't just end there because I learned that I could go there and enjoy myself for free and the knowledge is making me loco. I know you are asking me What? How? The answer is really simple they are giving away a 3 weekend get away and yes you heard me right it's just not 1 or 2 but 3 weekend getaways and all you have to do is enter their sweepstakes.Just think of 3 days and 2 nights of pure heaven for two or the 2 weeklong vacation for 4. Hmmm I am really feeling the vibe. Oh my, Oh my, Oh my I can't wait to enter. I'm so giddy right now that all I can think about are the whales and dolphins and the food and the other extra activities that I could do when I win. And yes positive thinking is all the rage right now so that's what I'm gonna do to get me that prize. The drawings will be held on 4/1/09, 5/1/09 and 6/1/09 and to think that they are just a few days from now is making my fingers itch to enter. Aren't your fingers itching to enter too?


Cacoy Doce Pares World Tournament

Hi Friends and fellow bloggers here I am again letting you know that I will be off the radar for a few days as I will be helping out my stepdad with the cacoy doce pares world tournament. There will be escrimadors from australia,jakarta,us and philippines . I will be there to help out either be a tabulator or just do some errands that needs to be done. My sister will be dropping in on your ec's so don't worry. I will take pictures and get right back in the saddle when it is all over. Take care everyone and have a happy weekend.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Psychic help!

When I was a kid my mom used to say that I would give out numbers and then she would bet on it and it would always win. She said I have some sort of gift I don't know about that but I do believe in psychics. I used to know someone who was a psychic and he gave me and my cousin Regi some tarot readings and they came true.

I know that lot of people are into psychic readings and I don't blame them or judge them. My cousin Regi has been traveling all over the world as what our friend predicted, so that reading happened. Seeking help is always a good thing no matter how you do it. Either you go to a friend, family members or a psychic it really doesn't matter as long as you get an end result. If you do want help on love, relationship or marriage then why don't you try and have a professional psychic reading done who knows you might find some of the answers you seek.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Monster Pizza

My aunt and my cousins came for a visit last night and invited me,my other aunt Jocelyn and my other cousin Coyen to a pizza place named Calda Pizza. Since I love food naturally I went anticipating good food. When we got there the place was bustling with people having drinks . The tables where a bit full so we were just there waiting for a table to be vacant. I saw how they rolled the pre-made dough and put the filling and then into the oven to be cooked. It was really fun to watch. While we were waiting for the table my cousin Dido went ahead and ordered the no meat pizza. Some people were already a bit into their cups and there was even a catfight heheheheh. I guess those women had too much to drink as well.

After a few minutes of waiting, the pizza arrived and I was so shocked as in mouth hanging open shock. The Pizza was so big, it was 30 inches. thin crust with lots of cheese and the crust tasted so good. The people were kinda looking at us funny. I think the thought that went through their minds are :" Can they eat all of that? Wow these women eat a lot".Well we almost did. I was so stuffed that I couldn't sleep right away. I dreamed of food.. Can you imagine that food????? Ohh here are the pics, it was taken by my cousin's mobile phone since I didn't bring my cam.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Single? Not for long.

I love and hate being single. Love it because there aren't any complications in my life but hate it because I get lonely at times. I often come online to chat and perhaps to find that special someone. I joined a lot of dating sites already hoping to find that one person to complete me but so far no such luck yet. I am glad to know thought that I am not the only one having this problem. I have a friend who lives in florida and is single like me so I recommended her to join miami singles. It is where you can upload photos,do instant messaging, upload video profiles and many more.It is for men and women who are looking for that special someone online and what more it is free to join and browse around. So hurry on up and join now all you single men and ladies out there in miami.

Mom's Birthday celebration!

After the frenzy of my Mom's birthday party and my mishap on the murky water hole all is back to normal now. The day after the party I was down, had a bad headache and my leg was throbbing because of the small cut on my foot. It makes me shiver to think of all the germs that possibly got in through that cut. I just hope there won't be any ill effect because of that. Anyway enough said about my sad mishap , why don't I talk about the party now. Sound like a good idea?

Already then. I baked my mom's favorite chocolate cake which took a while since I don't have a big oven. Actually I started baking them the night before her party. I also prepared,spaghetti with lots of cheese and cream, sweet and sour fish, then there was pork caldereta and then adobo with tanduay rum, chicken curry and then we bought some precooked chicken.The house was really packed that we ran out of chairs heheheheh. So what we did was some of us went upstairs to eat there in the comfort of my mom's air conditioned room while the others stayed down for the wonderful chow. I was very glad to recieve all the compliments from the food. Here are the pics:

Friday, April 17, 2009

Cool Air equals Good Mood!

I went out with my mom today and it was scorching hot. It was a good thing that we went to the mall because there is air conditioning there so we don't have to perspire as much. We have an air conditioner at home so we don't get hot during the day specially in summer time where the heat is crippling. Having an air conditioner at home don't just give you that cool feeling but it keeps you in a cool mental mood. I mean when you feel cool you would less likely get angry or mad at anyone. The air conditioner at home is in my mom's room so it sometimes get packed in there so cousin who shares the room with me is planning to get one for our room so the search is on.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Busy as a Bee

Yesterday or was it the other day that I was a lazy bum ? Hmmm I can't really remember heheheh. I am so busy today coupled with the heat and what do you get? Fried brain heheheh. It is my mom's 48th b-day today and I am busy cooking and buying stuff. Early this morning I went out to buy some flowers for her and I bought 2 dozen flowers plus 2 basket arrangement flowers and I also bought one for my mom's bestfriend who is celebrating the same birthday. Everybody will be here to celebrate with her so will take lots of pics hopefully I will be in a couple of them. It is my mom's day but not mine and do you know why because as I was getting out of the taxi carrying all her flowers all by myself I stepped on a whole full of dirty and yucky water. Brrr makes me shiver to remember all those germs and bacteria floating around and yes to all those cebuanos (nabulasot gyud ko sa kanal kalagot kaayo) but I believe that bad luck is going to be offset with good luck.So Thank you all for reading my blogs. Keep on reading I know you want to. hehehehehhe. Ta Ta!

Loving those emails!

I have a lot of friends online from all parts of the world and I frequently send them emails with pics or documents. I really hate it when you open your email and you see lots of advertisers there and you always wonder where and how they got a hold of your email. It is very annoying and at the same time it fills up your emails and sometimes important ones get lost in all these hola balo if you know what I mean. So if you want to get all those important emails securely then why don't you Get your Free Private Email now at PrivacyHarbor.comThey have some really awesome features. It is very secure because they have anti-spam and anti virus protection not to mention that you can send large attachments. It is very easy to use too and the most important feature that I like is... drum roll please.... you can retract emails that you have sent by mistake. Come on admit it you have sent one or two emails by mistake there is no shame in it we are after all just human. I have made it a couple of times and it is very embarrassing indeed. And if you are a business man or an executive then you can try out their other email categories at very affordable prices with more features too. All I can say is I love it love it.



Monday, April 13, 2009

Lazy Bum

I'm feeling too lazy today to do anything. I know I know I shouldn't practice this because it is bad for me or for any human being that is. I guess it's just the inactivity of the last couple of days because of lent rubbing on me. What did I do all day you ask? Well I have been watching charmed lately and yes it's about witches and demons and everything supernatural. I have always liked magic so that's the reason why I got hooked on this series. I have seen this a hundred times already and I don't mind watching them a hundred more times. I'm already on the 5th season so it's getting really exciting. I just hated that they took out Cole I mean it was a really good balance and I loved their love story not to mention that he is yummy. Almost all the demons in the story are all yummy. Grrrr makes me want a demon of my own heheheheh.Well folks that's about all I did.Ta Ta everyone.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

It is good to be aware!

My cousin is really into cars big time. He has this magazine full of all kinds of cars and he would look at it for hours and hours .I kinda got hooked myself into looking at them but not only in magazines but online as well . I love those cute and compact cars because they won't take up too much space. I would imagine myself driving a cute all terrain vehicle in the mountains just letting the breeze flow.

I was really worried when I read an article online about the Yamaha Rhino Rollover accidents. I learned that they have been recalled as they should be so as to protect people . I am very glad that there are people out there concerned about safety as I need my legs for walking,running and other stuff so by being aware of this kind of danger is indeed a big help to me and to other people too who like these type of vehicles. We should always be cautious in choosing the kind of vehicles to get for our family or for ourselves but if you are already a victim of this kind of accident then this article would be a good one to read.

What really had me worried about all of this Yamaha Rhino Rollover danger is that a lot of youngsters would want a cute and compact cars like this one, so parents and everybody out there should be picky in choosing the right vehicles to use. We should be very meticulous about each features of the car. I know that some people love the extreme sports and the rush of danger but we should protect our life as we only have 1.

Happy Easter to one and all!

I would like to greet everyone a Happy Easter. I know that a lot of people would either be spending time with their families or go out to the mall to celebrate this wonderful day. I know that a lot of kids love this day specially in places that do easter egg hunt. I did that last year with my nephew and he had a blast. For us catholics Easter is the mother of all feast because it is on this day that Christ our savior resurrected from saving us. We honor and celebrate what He did for us and be thankful for all the blessings that came our way. Easter has a different meaning to each and everyone of us so however we celebrate it would not make a difference as along as we know why we are celebrating it.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

2 in 1

My mom is a very artistic person just like my grandmother. Both of them love wood furniture. So just like them I learned to love it. There is this site called scenic furniture and I saw all their products on the site and they are awesome. If you have a cabin or a house near nature then this would be very appropriate. As I was browsing there what really caught my attention was their cutting boards because as you all know I love to cook. They have more than one design on their site but this particular Dark Stripe Serpentine Walnut Cutting Board caught my eye. I like the design that it has curves at the side so it would be easy to hold onto if you are carrying it towards the table. Or you can just put it propped up or lying down as a sort of decoration in your kitchen. And since the color is light and neutral it would match any table you have. So you not only get a functional board but a decoration at the same time so its like you have two different things in 1, and besides every kitchen needs a good cutting board.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Thank you so much everyone for always visiting my blogs. I hope you won't stop doing so. I want to let you all know that I won't be on tomorrow Good Friday and Black Saturday. It is the time for reflection and spending time with the family. I will get back to all of you. Take care all. Have a happy Holy Week.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I had a wonderful vacation at my grandparent's place there were lots of food and merry making. I will post those next but there is one really funny incident I just can't shut up about.

We were sleeping at my uncle's house since my grandmother's place is already full. Then one of my cousin named Rufy called me up and said he wanted to go out and I said yes since it has been a while since we seen each other. I asked mom for permission and she said she would let me go but I have to change my shirt since she said it was too short and not appropriate to wear out. I didn't bring my bag of clothes since we were just gonna sleep there and so I asked my cousin Coyen if I could borrow one of his tatay's (father) shirt and she went up and took a couple and then she handed me one. When I wore it I was really tickled pink and so was everyone else. Here is the reason why:

I was thinking if the words were appropriate hehehehe.

Monday, April 6, 2009

EC Problem

Having problems dropping ec since yesterday. To all my loyal droppers thanks so much for dropping. I promise to get back to you as soon as everything gets fixed. I'm back from my vacation and will post soon.Melody my sister has already beaten me to posting. Talk to yah all soon.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


I heard that lap band is the safest and the most minimally invasive weight loss surgery now a days. Just in time because I am vacationing at my grandmother's place and that means more food than I can eat.I don't know but every time I come to her place it feels like I would gain 5 pounds each day. Sometimes just looking at the food would make me gain weight and believe me, I have been on lots of diets and none have worked so far.Having procedures where they would cut in me and leave big ugly scars is a definite no no for me. It's a good thing I found out about lap band and its wonderful benefits. Aside from it being minimally invasive there would be no hospital time so that alone is a good bargain and it can be reversed or adjusted so this is a definite good news for food lovers like me. I even told my friend Duan about this procedure and she wanted in so I pointed her here 1-800-GET-SLIM so she can find out for herself about this awesome procedure. She wants in but she is a bit cautious as well so to help her decide even more I told here there are lap band testimonials and some lap band before and after that she can check out. So guess what guys you can now throw away some of that wrinkle cream because you won't need them anymore, no worries mean no wrinkles.