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Friday, November 20, 2009

Dropping by!

Hello. lo .lo. lo.... Hello . lo .lo .lo... Hmmm it must have really been ages since I've been here imagine that? There is an echo here already. I know I have been away because of my work. It took a lot of my time plus I don't have ready access to the net but anyhow I just wanted to let you all know that I am still alive and kicking. One of these days I will be back in the blogging world. I hope my friends won't forget about me. Take care all and see you soon.

Monday, July 6, 2009

What's up with me?

Hi guys you must be wondering what's been happening to me and where am I at the moment. Well my work started at the start of the month so I have really been busy with paper works and interviewing and hiring my crew for the pizza place. We aren't officially open yet til the 25th of this month but we have trainings and other things to finalize too. Everytime I come home I am so exhausted that I can barely look at the computer. I really do miss you guys and I miss writing too. I apologize to my loyal droppers that sometimes I couldn't reciprocate the drops. I am trying my best to do my drops in any way I can. Thank you all for your patience and understanding. So hopefully I will be able to write more in the next couple of days when I am not as busy. Take care guys and keep up the good work.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Grieving for an Idol!

I was still half asleep when my stepdad came into their room which is where I am camping out at the moment. heheheheh I know I should be ashamed of myself for taking away their privacy but it's the only room with air conditioner and it's really hot. Anyways, he came up to get something when he just casually let it slip out that Michael Jackson is dead. My mom was like "What? ARe you serious?" She didn't really believed him and so did I. It was like in my mind him dying young is quite impossible but the minute I came downstairs I hopped in the computer and there was the confirmation Michael had indeed died of cardiac arrest, at least that was what was said in the article. I was really sad because although he hasn't been active much lately but he is an icon in the music industry and his death is a great blow to the music world. I know that a lot of the fans from all over the world are mourning his death and I am one of them. Goodbye Michael and I hope that you are at peace now.

In another side of the story I wonder what would happen to his children. Would they remain faceless or would their pictures be posted for all to see since I for one haven't seen any of his children. I do hope that they will be ok and that they won't live a sad life.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Today is a very special day because it is a day to celebrate our dads. I would like to extend my warmest and fattest greetings to all the wonderful fathers out there "Happy Happy Father's Day ." I know that I never really had a dad growing up but I am very thankful because I had a lot of surrogates to say thanks to. To my grandfather, uncles and my stepdad thank you for always being there for me and my sister while we were growing up. You are all the best I could have asked for in this world. I thank God for giving me the chance to know you. So what about you guys have you said thanks to your dads?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Night out with my cousins!

It was the night of independence day when my cousin Regi the flight attendant recently came home for a vacation and invited me with my other cousins on a night out. We went to Mr. A's which is a nice place located on top of a mountain. You can see the beautiful lights of the city below. The air is cool and nice and the atmosphere is just right. We ordered some cocktails which were vodkatini, mai tai and weng-weng. I had the mai tai, it was really really nice and not so strong but I did taste some of the other drinks they ordered. We talked and talked and we took some pictures. The table was just illuminated with candles so it would be a romantic dinner if I was on a date. Well we stayed there til 12 midnight and until the batteries ran on the camera. It was my first time to that said place and I want to go back there again. Well on with the pictures.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

A journey inside my bag!

A few days ago as I was going out I just thought I'd share what's always in my bag whenever I go out. It's a small bag given to me by Aunt in the states. It's yellow and you all know that's my favorite color so inspired by the bag raids I saw in SNN. I thought I'd do one of my own. I took a pic of what's all inside the bag but I also took a video. Sorry if the quality isn't great I really didn't think much about it til I was finished. So what about you guys what's in your bags?

Friday, June 12, 2009

Independence Day !

Today is the 12th and it's independence day here in my country. Lots of activities going on both rallies and celebration. Rallies because a lot of people are protesting against the resolution passed in congress about constituent assembly. I've never followed politics and I know should as a good citizen of my country but for the life of me can't understand what is being rallied about. What really is constituent assembly? How bad will it really affect the country? It's good to fight for a cause but it's sad to see that most of the people in the rally don't even know what they are fighting about. A lot of big political figures are using it to gain votes or popularity among the people. I don't know but in my opinion they should be worried about a lot of other things right now like the global recession plus the outbreak in A (H1N1).Although there are not that many cases confirmed here in the Philippines but it's close to a hundred already. It is quite frightening that one could get sick from this. As far as I know thought there hasn't been a death yet because of this virus and I really hope there won't be. It really scares the heck out of me. It makes you feel like a prisoner really because you don't want to leave the house in fear that you might contract this virus. So much for independence huh? This is another kind of prison and I really pray that we will come out of this victorious.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Elaborate Plan!

My mom always told me that God has long and elaborate plans. I really believe her since our life is a good example of that. We all used to live in Ormoc City. My mom was married at young age of 15 and she had me at 16. It wasn't a very good life for her or for us at one time because of all the family troubles. So mom practically raised us herself with help from my loving grandparents. Eventually we came to cebu and studied here and it is here that I really grew up. After this I believe that it was all part of God's plan for my family. You might ask me why, well if my parents didn't separate we wouln't have come to cebu and my grandparents wouldn't have followed us here and establish a business. In 1990 or was it 1991 there was a big flash flood in Ormoc, a lot of people died and business died as well. So you see God has already prepared my grandparents to have a business here in Cebu or all of us in the family would have been so lost financially. We are not rich mind you but we are comfortable compared to most people. Eventually we all grew up here in cebu.

Then my mom met my stepdad who was a martial arts instructor and is just a year older than me. And yes he is a great guy and no I don't mind that he is younger than my mom. After all she has been through she deserves to be happy and John makes her happy so we are all happy for her. It is through John that we met a very good friend of ours Anton. He is an englishman who has a martial arts school in england.He came here to study Escrima (arnis) which is what my stepdad is teaching. It was his first time here and he didn't know anybody but mom felt that he is a good guy so she invited him to our humble home and that was 12 years ago. He has become our benefactor. He has been extremely good to us. Through him we met a lot of wonderful people. Through Anton we met Linda and her kids and they were the one who gifted us with this computer thus paved way for my sister to meet her wonderful husband online. My sister is now a happily married woman with 2 daughters. So you see everything just fell into place.Isn't that just amazing how everything was planned?God really is good.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Top EC Droppers

I would like to thank all my friends who constantly visit my blog and dropped EC love on me. I will do my utmost to reciprocate all your love and support. I value all your comments and messages. Take care and let's do this again and again and again. Heheheheheh. Thanks peeps.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Magic Pen!

I often go out in jeans and a t-shirt. I wear what is comfortable to me but sometimes when there are special occasions I would sometimes feel a little bit awkward because I see everybody getting busy putting on make-up and such and I don't know how to put it on or wear it. My sister is very good at it. All these things make me wonder if men go through the same thing as women do whenever they go out to attend a party. I was quite surprised to learn that there are mens cosmetics. Honestly my first reaction was to laugh but then I thought that women are not the only ones concerned about their appearance but so do most men. The product is called Men Pen. It is used to conceal, acne, moles,scars,dark circles and mostly just rough spots. It's like a magic wand for men. Women have them so why not men too right?. They do need them sometimes when they might attend a party, make a speech, go to the prom or on a date. I don't think men would want to go on a date with a big zit on his nose or forehead or chin.This is the same product that actors,models and some businessmen use to keep their groove on. And it comes in 17 different colors so there is something for everyone. It's a new era so to all the men out there use Men Pen and get your groove on .



Bonding time!

My nephew carl had a sleepover after his birthday. So we did have some more bonding time together and what other way to do that than through my passion which is cooking. I was still doing some pack lunches and he wanted to help so I let him. He just looked to so cute stirring the food in the pan. Since there were two pans I let him have the other one. Whenever I would put something in the pan he would do the same to the other pan. He even said that he should learn how to cook then . heheheh that was just so cute. He was so proud of himself and so was I. It was so funny that he was so excited to taste it.Instead of getting just a small portion just for tasting he would end up getting one laddle full of the soup and I would tease him that he will finish off the food before we could serve them. That was really really fun. After that I baked apple pie for my mom. It has been awhile since I made it so I was a bit afraid that it wouldn't turn out as delicious as it should be but I was afraid for nothing because it turned out just great. Here are the pics:

Monday, May 25, 2009

Helping hand!

Making those pack lunches made me think that the best thing I can do is have a food business of some sort. If only I have the necessary space/place, I would be using it as a boarding house since I am near a school, then I would be catering to food packs for the students. I will see what I can do. I think I need to get some Small Business Loans first then go from there. Having the right finances would help me tremendously. It would solve a lot and would go a long way. That's a pretty good idea if I must say.

Welcome back sandman!

I didn't get much sleep for the last 9 days because of the food packs I prepared. At last I am done. I slept and I slept and I slept yesterday. I guess I was making up for those other days I lack sleep. Some liked the food and some didn't but hey I can't please everybody. I was like jumping for joy when it was all done. Waiting for the next batch to come. I missed blogging and I haven't really been posting since it all started. Now I am back and by golly I missed you all guys.You know, the end of the preparation was just in time because it's that time of the month where I get homicidal and I would have been the crankiest cook ever. I wish guys where the one who goes through this ordeal heheheheh sorry guys I'm just bitching. I'm happy yet irritable. I miss baking cookies. I wish witchy was here to take over but I guess she is still in the war path to finding her prince. I think I'd better check on her. Anyways I know I'm rambling but hey I just remembered this is my blog and I have the right to ramble heheheh ok then on with the rambling. When of when am I gonna have sex? Oppps I think that's too much rambling. Stop it chay you are scaring the readers. Ok Ok geez can't a girl just rant. Ouch! who pinched me?Grrrr when I get my hands on you just you wait. Oh sorry false alarm it was just an ant.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

One stop shopping!

I have a friend who is into making fashion accessories just like me and my family. She wanted to join a fashion accessories trade show /exhibit but she lacks the necessary truss for her displays. She has her own ideas on what it should look like, it's nothing too complicated but a bit intricate and interesting to look at. I helped her look online for some sites that would make it for her.

I told my friend that her trade show displays must be eye-catching so that people will go and look at her products. It's a good thing that there is camelback displays. In this site you will see all the different truss, exhibit booths, logo floor mats and many many more. Not only can you use these on trade shows or exhibits but you can use them for concerts or if you have a night club and also for your retail stores.

I hate making those stage skirting because I find it tedious to do the pletes so most of the time my skirting would look crooked and uneven but with camelback displays you don't have to worry about that anymore because they too offer stages and stage skirting. It's like having a one stop store where you can get everything and anything you need for your display and exhibit needs. So visit and worry no more.

Carl's 5th Birthday bash!

My nephew and godson carl had his 5th birthday yesterday. We prepared spaghetti, chicken, lechon and hotdogs with marshmallow. It was a children's party. He had toys and t-shirt for gifts and he really enjoyed on his birthday. It was a bit tiring on top of the pack lunches I prepared but it was all worth it. I love my nephew and what's important is that he enjoyed his birthday. We rented those little cute tables and chairs. I plan to have a children's party on my own birthday heheheheh.Sounds like fun. Here are some photos.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Choosing confidence!

My sister has been asking me if I wanted my own domain. She has her own domain and it is going really well. I keep thinking and thinking about it but I am not sure until now. I have to consider a lot of factors and one of them is that I want it to be the best there is. Luckily I found out a site that gives an independent webhosting reviews and rating. At web hosting geeks they can point out to you the best web hosting providers that would surely suit your needs.We need providers that don't have hiccups or one that isn't a hassle to us. In this site you are assured that they offer the best there is in the net today. If you are looking for Free Domain Names then they have recommendations for that too. Not only do they provide you with the best information but they have a lot of awards in their belt to speak of. Knowing all these makes me confident that when I choose my own domain I am assured that I will be steered to the right direction and I will have the cream of the crop so to speak. So what are you all waiting for, do what is best by choosing the best.

Beezy as a Bee

Before I start I would like to thank all my loyal friends who come and visit my blog each day. Sorry I haven't been on for a bit. I have been extremely busy because I am catering food u know like pack lunches. Serving 36 students for breakfast,lunch and dinner and good for 9 days. I am almost done so I will surely be back before you all know it. I do try and drop in on everyone as much as I can. The food we prepare are just your everyday type of food, we needed to make it affordable yet still delicious. I have 2 more days to go.. yeheyyyy then I can get some much needed sleep.Well here are some of the foods I prepared:

Monday, May 11, 2009

Dear Mothers

I have been out all day with my nephew Carl to the mall. Since it's mother's day and his mom is out of the country to work, I chose to fulfill my being a second mom to him which I vowed to do during his baptist. There were a lot of mom's with their children there celebrating this wondrous day. I told my sister that I won't be posting anything today because I am very tired but I just cant sit this out and not greet all those wonderful mothers out there.

Happy Happy Mother's Day to all the mother's in the world. We as children would not be here if not for our mothers. I'm greeting not only those mother's who became mothers because they gave birth but I am also greeting all those women who are doing an exemplary job of being a mom to those kids who aren't their own. I dedicate this to all the moms


A mother is a mother no matter what.
Our tears they wipe off as they pat our backs
They serve and take care of us which by no means simple,
She cries when we cry and feels our pain ten folds.

Mom's all over the world our applause go to you
For continuing your work even if it means letting go of YOU.
You laugh when we make big fools of ourselves,
Yet strictly imposing when right must be done.

Oh! mother hear us as these words flow,
Thank you from our hearts as your love grows,
Like trees your service is endless so with love and pride we chant
Mother! Dear Mother you have our hearts!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

There is no place like home!

When I was young I remember asking my mom why people go to work. I was a very curious child yet a quiet one, very observant I was told. My mom told me that people go to work in order to provide their families with food on the table, clothes to wear and to provide a good roof over their heads. I wasn't really sure if I understood what those meant at that time I asked the question but now that I am all grown up and not just grown up but already old I sure understand what those means.

Speaking of roofs, have you ever experienced a time when you were woken up by a drip drip sound? Well I have and most of the time it was the roof leaking when it rained. A leaking roof can do a lot of damage because it can spread out to the ceiling, destroy wooden frames and creates messes from the puddles that might gather as the water drips.

If you are in Kansas and you need your roof to be fixed then you go right ahead and call Kansas City Roofer. Kansas City roofer is the best one there is in this business. They provide great and prompt service at an affordable price.Finishing their jobs on time is what they pride themselves the most that they can provide to each and every costumer. As always one must be cautious in picking the right man for the job. They must compare prices so as not to go over their budget as well as ask around for recommendations from people who have had their roofs fixed.

Party aftermath!

I had a good time at my cousin's nanny's party. It was just simple with 3 dishes, there was pancit, roasted chicken and pork soup. They were all delicious and I was really hungry when I went there heheheheh I was so full. We took some pictures although they weren't really good qualities but you can still see them. Here are the party aftermath pictures.

Friday, May 8, 2009

We need to move it move it!

Last February was our big move to this new apartment and it was very exhausting hauling all those boxes and sacks and every other knick knacks we have. We also had difficulty finding a good mover. We can't just haul those boxes one by one so we had to hire one. It was both expensive and time consuming because it was just a small truck. I can't even remember how many times we came back to and fro.

I have some friends who are moving to Dallas so I need to help in finding a good mover for them. So off I went to the net and food them Miracle Dallas Moving. They are both efficient and committed to doing a good job. They are reliable and they specialize in exactly just that "moving".They are prompt and trustworthy. I don't know about you but if I wanted to have my things moved I'd find someone who would really deliver them. I don't want to constantly worry if my things would arrive ok or not. I just have to pick the best one there is. One must also scrutinize who they want to do their move for them so it is best to ask for bids and find out which one is suited for you.

Birthday Bash!

(Singing)I'm going to a partay! I'm going to a partay! yeah!!! Yaya Lucy has invited me to her 52nd birthday bash. It is just a simple gather with family and friends. Yaya Lucy has been in my cousin's family for ages and ages. I remember that my cousin was still almost hairless when yaya lucy came aboard. She has been their nanny /housekeeper/cook/ family member. She is both efficient and very nice. We are lucky to have met her. I'm going there tonight and I'm hungry already. heheheheheh. I forgot to eat lunch but no worries I will eat for both lunch and dinner. I'm sure the food will fit my chubby tummy. So cyah guys when I get back.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Worry free!

I was watching grey's anatomy today and saw this episode where water was leaking everywhere. It was both hilarious and an eye opener for me. How many times have I ignored signs of water dripping somewhere where it is not supposed to drip? Countless of times and I know that I am not the only one doing this. When we find out there is something wrong with our plumbing who do we call? Ghostbusters? No! definitely not, we would call a plumber. We don't call just any plumber but we must call the best man in the field. I have had so many experiences with people saying they are plumbers and as it turns out they don't know half of what they are doing and they made the problem worst and it cost me more. If you are in Minneapolis and you have some plumbing jobs then why don't you call Minneapolis Plumber. The people at Days Minneapolis Plumbing Service don't just give you a temporary fix for your problems but they give you solutions for it. They specializes in the following:
* Water Heater Replacement & Repair
* Water Softener Replacement & Repair
* Disposal Replacement
* Faucet and Fixture Replacement & Repair
* Drain Cleaning
* Minneapolis Plumbing
Even if you don't have emergency problems right now you can contact them and have them look your plumbing over before something did happen and you were doing some important business and get the shocking emergency of your life. So why wait when you can prevent this disasters from happening right now and save your self some future headache and money.Just like from the saying " An ounce of prevention is a pound of cure."

Thanks to my Top EC Droppers for April!

A heartfelt thanks to all my ec droppers. I appreciate the time and effort you spent visiting and dropping by my blog. A round of applause for all of us.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Artistic Expressions!

I have a birthmark on my face and often times people would think it's a tattoo.I don't have a tattoo anywhere but I do know a lot of people with tattoos in fact my cousin Rufy has a big one on his back. Some girls don't like tattoos so my cousin is having difficulties finding a girl who is down with it. I told him he should join Tattoo Chat City and join in their tattoo chat rooms. Aside from it being free to join , he can talk to a lot of people from all over the world who are into tattoos. He can view cams and be on cam, that way he can show off all those interesting and color tattoos. Who knows he might be able to meet the girl who will go crazy over his tats. People tend to judge other people who chose to express their artistic side by means of tattooing their body but I'm not one of them. In fact in some cultures tattoos are considered marks of beauty.Each one of us has been given free will so why not exercise it as long as we are not hurting anyone. So to all you guys and gals with tats fear no more because there is a place for you to be yourself.

Weird Much!

When I was a kid my mom used to say that I would give out numbers and then she would bet on it and it would always win. She said I have some sort of gift. On my dad's side of the family they have what you call a cockpit arena you know where rooster fight and people would bet big money on it, well she said that they would ask me to choose which cock I like and then they would bet on that and the cock would win everytime until such time I get sleepy or bored. I don't know if you would believe me or not but when I reached the age of 11 I used to see accidents before they happen. It's like watching a television of some sort minus the sounds. I didn't really like it because I would always see them as if I was there and they are really bad. Yes my mom consulted a psychologist or was it a psychiatrist I forgot but anyhow the doctor talked to me and then later on I found out that he the doctor asked my mom if she would agree for me to be trained in using this talent. My mom said no because she didn't want me to be a lab rat or something. I don't know if I am glad or not. If you ask me if I still see things like these, my answer would be yes but it's lesser now.I'm not claiming to be a psychic or anything like that I'm just sharing these to you. It's up to you guys whatever you might think about it. I would welcome comments or stories of similar events so feel free to drop me a line or two or three heheheheheh.

Rewiring your future!

Summer time is here and it's a fun season yet a dangerous one too. The trees and grasses are dry and most of the time it could start fires but the fires are not only limited to the wilderness but could be happening in the homes and business sectors too. There could be a lot of reasons why fires occur in houses and business establishments, it could be that a stove was left unattended, someone playing with matches and other flammable materials and lastly electrical wirings short circuiting causing them to explode and start fires. A lot of the contributing factors we can prevent or resolve ourselves but not the electrical stuff. Sure we can change switches and install plug sockets but rewiring the whole houses or business establishments is entirely a whole new scene.

It's a good thing that there is Denver Electrician. SJO Electric is a full service electrical contractor and they provide and specializes in :

* New Commercial and Residential Construction Projects and Renovations / Remodeling
* Equipment Installation, Wiring & Panel Upgrades
* Computer & Telephone Cabling
* Interior & Exterior Lighting
* Residential and Commercial Electrical Service Calls

As you can see they almost have everything you need electrical wise. But not only do they provide these services but they have a dedicated and professional service department that would be there to respond to your calls. We all know that we just can't pick anybody to do such an intricate job but we need someone who is personable and knows exactly what they are doing. I know from experience how much a hassle it is when you can't communicate well with the people doing these stuff.You need people you can talk to and ask questions and get detailed and accurate answers too. SJO is that kind of electrical contractor . So what are you waiting for check them out and save yourselves some future losses.

Finally I've tasted the durian flavored ice cream!

I went out to Ayala Center today to go to the bank and withdrew some money for the house budget sent by our dear friend Anton. It wasn't as hot today because it's a bit gloomy I mean rain is threatening to pour down. I also went grocery shopping and the things I bought are quickmelt cheese for my pizza making later on, a big bag of cornflakes, shampoo, 4 rolls of toilet paper, ube hopia , cooked square ham, concentrated juice powder and some biscuits. Since I've been there the other day and saw pippos ice cream I have been wanting to try the durian flavor and I finally did it this afternoon. Yeheyyy me. It was really delicious. The smell wasn't overpowering and I do so love durian. I wish I had my cam with me so I could have taken a pic of myself eating heheheh I don't know what people would be thinking if they see me do that heheheh. When I got home I transferred some files from the computer to my stepdad's 500gb mass storage thingy. Now I'm all done so back to blogging and dropping ec's and checking blogs.

One of a kind!

When I was still working in a call center I used to have the munchies. I get hungry all the time and food keeps me awake while I'm on duty so I eat all the time. I work the graveyard shift so that means I need to stay awake until the wee hours of the morning. A lot of my fellow call center agents, including myself would always raid the Vending Machines found in our pantry. There are about 3 found there so sometimes it gets tiresome when you have to go from one different machine to the next just to get that daily fix you want. If I was into business myself I would choose to have a Vending Machine Business because this type of business is booming now a days since a lot of companies are providing them for their employee's benefit. Getting this one of a kind vending machine where one can stock it with different products like colas, snacks, energy drinks and bottled water is a must for a Vending Business
It's versatility is the most sought after quality when it comes to vending. It can save space and it would make more employees happy thus making clients and costumers happy too. These vending refreshment centers allow you to put 13 different types of snacks and 6 different beverages and can hold enough of them too. So what more can one be looking for when it is already all there.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A lesson learned!

As I was washing the dishes yesterday after we ate I noticed some ants crawling around scouring for food. I didn't want to kill any of them because the movies have influenced me much heheheh you know I saw and liked ANTZ and Bug's life and it kind makes me think twice about killing any of them. So if it is possible to shoo them away I would much rather do that but sometimes when they bite it hurts and itches like hell that you just want to kill all of them. It's really amazing to see that the smallest scrap of food matters and is important for example to those ants. There were a few of them sharing the load of bringing the food so it makes me think that if only people would help each other then our world would be a better world. Of course I didn't forget to take pictures. heheheheheh. Here they are:

Come and get addicted with me!

Just recently mom wanted me to search on the net for some flowerpots for her to grow her flowers in. The net is a big place to be if you want to search for something and at times it gets overwhelming and tiring because you have to click loads of link to find that one product you wanted plus you have to make sure that you aren't clicking on a virus infected site so searching is kinda becoming a big hassle for me. I so wish for just one site where I can possibly find all the things I wanted.

As if a genie granted me my wishes I found the perfect product whiz where I can get all of my gardening needs. Shopwiki is wickedly awesome.But please sit , sip your lemonade and enjoy what else I have to say about this amazing find. I tested and tried the site myself and it amazed me a whole lot how easy it is to navigate and search what I was looking for. Since my mom loves the green stuff and I don't mean money, I tried to search for things that would enhance my mom's humble little garden and what do you know pooof there they are just like that ,you get garden accents, structurs and other useful decors.

That was for mom so it's my turn to search for my special finds. I love to cook and bake so naturally I want something for my kitchen.I found some kitchen goodies that I love and needed. Oh my , Oh my , Oh my it's like my birthday and Christmas rolled into one. But wait my stepdad wanted to jump in the bandwagon and viola he found his niche. So shopwiki isn't just for moms and daughters it is for dads too.

What's great about this site is that you can refine your search by way of prices,brands and colors plus they put list of the stores where you can get them. Now isn't that just awesome? I don't know about you but I'm getting addicted already. Thank you shopwiki.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Advert trouble!

I don't know what is happening and I already sent a feedback about this but Paid ads are running even when I rejected them. I do apologize to those bloggers who paid with their hard earned ec credits and only get half of time in my widget. I don't know what is up with entrecard.

I mean it is good to support entrecard by way of the paid ads but it will take out time or exposure in my widget to those who are diligently dropping to earn ec credits and using them to pay for ad time. They should have added a new widget at least that way paid and ec credit ads can run together. This is just my opinion mind you but it sometimes irritates the hell out of me.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Adventure is the name of the game!

My sister who is in Delaware is planning a trip to Las Vegas because she has been invited by a friend. I'm so excited for her because from what I've seen through television shows , Las Vegas is a happening place. It seems like it never sleeps at all so everyone is doing something fun and exciting. I have been asking her if she is gonna watch any of the Las Vegas Shows but she is still undecided so I searched online for shows that she might like to see and I am so amazed at how many popular shows there are, so I decided to pester my sister into seeing "Phantom" and that she must purchase her ticket at before she goes there so that she will surely be able to see that fantastic show. We saw the movie Phantom of the Opera so I'm pretty sure the broadway show is awesome too.

Not only can she get a ticket for a show but she can also get tickets for tours. I sure would love to see Las Vegas in a bird's eye view and yes one will be riding a helicopter. Oh boy I'm so excited for her and I hope that she will do a lot of activities while she is there and send me all the pictures. So all you guys out there planning a trip to Las Vegas get your tickets in advance and have the adventure of a lifetime.

Flores de Mayo!

It's may once again and Flores de Mayo is here in fact it already started 2 days ago. I really love this time of the month because of the many colorful flower you can see offered to the Blessed Virgin Mary after every mass plus all those cute little angels at the altar. I never been an angel during flores de mayo when I was a kid so I kinda envy those little kids who are joining in this joyous occasion. Will try and take some pics and post them here.

Rock on!

I was just browsing through my old photos when I saw a picture of my grandmother in a costume party dressed as a punk rocker. She looks amazing with those one of a kind triangular sunglasses , sparkly sequined mini skirts and pink streaked hair. She looked elegantly funky. I know that there are a lot of punk rock fans who are single and looking for those mate who loves punk rock as well so I searched on the web and found a punk rock dating site. It is where singles who love punk rock come together. It is absolutely free to join and you can send messages , meet new friends and eventually find that special someone who can punk their way to your heart. Rock on guys!

Hoorayyy Manny Won!

I just got the text from my friend and she said that Manny Pacquiao won in just 2 rounds. She also said that Hatton was knocked out twice in the first round. Oh boy I wish I was there to watch it. I know that a lot of Filipinos were watching this fight so CONGRATS TO YOU MANNY another job well done. I just can't contain my happiness for this success fight. I heard that Floyd Mayweather will be Manny's next fight although I am not sure yet. We just have to wait and see.

The search is over!

My mom who is a very creative person often makes a lot of home improvements and wants to remodel things. We have a house that has been rented out and mom wants to do some remodeling on it. She always points out to us that we must take care of the house because aside from it being a good investment it also holds a lot of memories. We do agree with her but we also need to find a good contractor that would do the remodeling for us because we don't want to destroy the house by doing it ourselves.

Do you need a professional contractor to do the remodeling but hate doing the search? Well, search no more because Atlanta Remodeling is here to help you out with that job. They provide high quality services at an affordable price and we do need that with the economy we have right now. We all know that finding the best remodeling contractor is a must since it is going to affect the value of your house. Am I right? Yes I definitely am. Aside from finding a good remodeling contractor one must need to find someone who can help you select the best jobs to do to improve the home and Atlanta remodeling does that for you because high costumer service is their priority.

Visiting Girlfriends!

Last night my girlfriends Gail and Christina were here visiting me and as I said in my previous post that we were gonna have a buwad session and we did. I didn't get to buy budo but still we had buwad for dinner as well as pork in oyster sauce. We had so much fun chatting about things while we ate that I couldn't stop laughing. After eating we went online in facebook and just checked out our friends. Asking whos who in there.

A few minutes after that we decided to pop some corns and watch a movie but when we turned on the TV there was a special on Manny and Hatton that we just had to watch. Today John went to CDP to watch the fight since the Grandmaster had Payperview and would be watching it as they happen. I would have wanted to watch with them but there won't be anyone left with mom so I just had to content myself with their txt messages.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

No more sleepless nights!

In the old neighborhood where we used to live there were a lot of big houses so a lot of break-ins were happening. Our house was one of the many places they broke into. We were very relax when it came to protection since we had a high fence surrounding the house and thought that it could protect us but the robbers were just too witty. They climbed over our wall using the other house's fence . It wasn't a very nice feeling when you know that people have invaded your private space. I wished that we had a wireless security system back then, we would have been alerted when the theft was happening or it could have prevented the burglars from getting in.

Today I found that we don't have to worry at all because there is Protect America. It is a wireless security system company that provides state of the art security system. They have different packages to choose from and I picked the Gold Package.It has a talking control panel, internal siren, door chime and 15 doors and windows sensor. Wow! 15? I don't think you or I will have sleepless nights anymore. And if you call their toll free number which is 877-470-2751 now you will get 2 key chain remotes with your order. Now who doesn't like freebies? I sure love them. So what are you guys waiting for? Jump in and push all those sleepless nights aside.


Good Day!

Yesterday I was ranting how I was having a homicidal day. Today I am having a good day. The sun is up but it isn't too hot. I had a good night's rest plus a very nice dream. Some friends of mine will be coming over later today because they said we will be having a salted fish session so to all the bisdaks out there mag eat gyud mi og budo. Mmmmm my mouth is already watering. I wonder what else I'm gonna cook this evening. I will raid my recipes for that perfect meal. I have a lot of errands to do today like buy popcorn, buy apples and then buy the budo of course and right now I am cooking lunch so I am very very busy today.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Pamper yourself!

I'm turning 32 this coming July and I have noticed that I seldom look at myself in the mirror. Truth be told I think it is because of how dry and awful my skin looks. Right now I don't think I need to worry anymore because Scottsdale Laser is gonna help me with this problem. What's good about this company is that their focus is on skin care and the overall wellness of our body. They have advance laser procedures and state of the art equipment plus well trained staff who will be there for you and with you every step of the way. The North Scottsdale Laser and Skin Clinic has a wide variety of services offered. They have Botox, Chemical peels, Laser Hair removal and many more services that would suit every woman's needs. So what are you ladies waiting for? Let's get pampered.

Homicidal Day!

Boy can this day get any crappier? Sorry guys for the awful lingo. I am just not having fun today. Mr. google is punishing me again and took my PR 2 then I feel awful because of that time of the month where women go homicidal. Yes ! that's what I mean. Then I don't know if it is my internet connection that is having problems or entrecard because everytime I try and drop ec it would just turn grey. I have only been able to drop 1 lousy ec this day and I do apologize to all my loyal ec droppers.

Now I feel hot and grumpy and horny and did I say hot? Yup I did say that already. I know I know I am rambling but what can I do I really feel crappy. There that is much better. Thank you guys for letting me vent off.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Shine like the stars!

I have been surfing the web to find suitable dating sites so I can find a man for myself but I am stumped because in some sites you can just introduce yourself and wait for someone to write you or find someone you can write but it takes a long time. I wanted to find a site where I can directly talk to a person and exchange views and see his expression as we talk. My friend Pal and I have the same problem because let us not hide the truth some men just don't dig big women like me but still I believe that there are exceptions to the rule.

Luckily I found bbw chat. It is a place where women like us can go and let our hairs down and just be ourselves without worrying about being judged. It is free to join and the minute you make an account you can then meet people in a snap. You can be on live cam and talk your heart out at the same time meet people all over the place from all walks of life.My fingers are itching to create an account. So all you big single ladies out there it is our time to shine and show the world what we can do.

Family Visit.

We have a visitor today. My uncle Ruvi and my aunt Christina and cousins Kathy, Rufy and hi gf Jill came over for a visit. Although our house is small they are staying overnight here. Mom and I just brought the mattress down and covered it with some blanket and we have an instant bed , you know japanese style because we just placed it in the floor. The wife of my cousin Kathy is staying upstairs in my mom's room where I sleep because it is air conditioned there and it gets hot at times. My aunt and uncle just wanted to stay down because he has a fever and his sinusitis is acting up. Rufy who I call Bitch went with his gf. Our greeting whenever we meet would be " Hi Bitch" or sometimes " Hi whore" I know it sounds bad but it's just fun for us. I hope we can spend time with each other in his visit here. I just have to wait and see.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My comfort space!

I have been so busy lately that I haven't had time to cook anymore. I really miss it. I plan to cook something for my friends in the next couple of days so that will make me busy again but I love it. As I have said in my previous posts that we have just transferred to a new apartment and I was adamant when we were looking for apartments to inspect the kitchen sinks because after all it will be the place where I will usually be doing the washing after I do the cooking. Ours is not that big but it is deep and a good quality. One day when I will have a house of my own I promised myself that the most beautiful part of my house will be my kitchen. I want to have big cupboards and a big refrigerator and I must have a complete set of cooking and baking utensils.

I noticed as I browse online that sinks usa has some very good sinks available. I specially love the double bowl sink because two person can use it simultaneously. Aside from it being practical it is made of stainless steel so there won't be rusting and chipping.They are also affordable and can match any kitchen design or layout. And the most important one is that they are very easy to clean and they can last a long long time.

CDP victory party pics

As I said in my previous post I went to the CDP (Cacoy Doce Pares) victory party and I promised to take pics and I will be posting them here. I had a blast yesterday we drank about 4 bottles of flavored wine but you can consider them lady's drink. I had some tequila shots as well but still I didn't get drunk but anyway I had lots and lots of fun.