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Friday, January 20, 2017

No Title..

Blogging has been very elusive to me of late and yet here I am. Does that statement even mean something? I have no idea hahahah but it does sound cool. Right I am back and hopefully can stay put. I will let this be one of my new year's resolution ....tan tan tan.....drum roll please.... Blog at least once every week. With that said I will take my leave and return when I can  hopefully within the week or before the month ends. Wow it really has been ages. I think I need to get back my writing mojo.  Oh right I didn't have that before so why am I saying that hmmm oh well I think it is hunger that is muddling my brain with nonsense or is it? Ohhhh I sure do miss writing about whatever comes to my mind and I think I'm gonna do this for a while. Now where is that button that enables me to post this hmmmm... Right found it!! Yup as expected Red lines underneath words still hounds me to this day. I sure missed yah.