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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Missed blogging

Hello everyone! I haven't been blogging for quite some time ever since my stepdad had an operation. I was at the hospital everyday and have been running errands. His operation went smoothly so I don't have any worries there but we still have to watch him because there is a foreign material inside him and his body might still reject it.

Getting sick is so expensive. We paid a total of 60,000 pesos for staying for 3 days in the hospital ward and for the operation too. The hospital alone cost 23,000 and the rest are for the doctors. I hope I will never be hospitalized. The last time I was in I had german measles and I was still a kid. I don't get sick easily but when I do though it hits me really hard. I will attach some pics of my stepdad in the hospital. Althought it was just the ward I'm happy to say that it was very clean and the bathroom specially was clean to that's really good. And yes folks he is wearing a skirt, just for easy access when he pees heheheheh. He can't stand up or walk just yet in this pic so he has to pee into a hmmm actually I don't know what it's called.