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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Ouch!! Sunburn

It was last October 26 Sunday when I went and attended my nephew carl's intramurals / family day at the Abellana Sports Complex. I went there around 9 am as that's what they said the time of their cheer dance would start performing although they have been there since 6 that morning as they still had to do some parade and torch lighting you know like in the olympics. It was quite an interesting day for me. There were dragons u know like in the chinese movies when there is a celebration as he is studying in a chinese school.

I liked the muses presentation as specially the kids bit as they were dressed like super heroes and here below is the picture. ohhhh they are just so cute.
Then some tai chi and wu shu bit also then there was the cheerdance of every grade level. I didn't take a pic of them as I have a favorite cheer team heheheh my nephew's of course.

It was really scorching hot that the rubber was kinda melting and sticking to my rubber shoes even. It's times like this that makes me hate putting something on my face like beauty products it's hell on your face. After the dance we rested a little bit in the grandstand and ate lunch of course.

When I got home I was dead tired that I slept the rest of the afternoon. I just woke up to eat and went right back to sleep. The next day that was when I noticed the sunburn on my neck and chest and on my face.. Ouch ouch ouch.