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Tuesday, December 2, 2008


A friend of mine had twins just last month. We use to live very near each other in fact when you go out the backdoor you can see their house . A lot of family live in that one house. Her Family just occupies one room and they are about 9 in the family including the new born twins now. So they are like squashed together like sardines when they go to sleep there. They are poor and I don't say this to demean them or something like that I am just stating a fact. Almost all of her children were born at home.

We were actually expecting her to deliver this month of December when one day last month she just called me up while I was out on an errand to tell me that she had delivered and that it was twins. I was really shocked to learn when she said she just had them at home. The babies were really small and the old midwife who actually isn't your typical went to school and learned to deliver babies type was surprised when the first came and then she looked down and saw feet poking out. That was the only time my friend learned she had twins. She didn't have any prenatal ultrasound done so that's why she was as surprised as the old midwife. They came to visit me just yesterday and the babies were so tiny that I was afraid I'd break them or drop them. The other one was very small and I told her mom to call her Hope because the other one she called Grace. I really pity the twins because they had lots of mosquito bites and I felt like someone was squeezing my heart literally while I was looking at them. They should be in an incubator and monitored you know but they can barely afford food for themselves what more payment in the hospital. It's times like these that I wish I have all the money in the world so I can help them. Makes me even want to cry right now. Here are pics I took of them yesterday.

Makes me think how lucky I actually am.