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Friday, May 20, 2011

First Picture!

I was six months pregnant when I learned the sex or gender of my baby. Even earlier than that I wanted to know what my baby would be.I prayed for a girl but if I had a boy I would still love him. Lucky for me God was listening and gave me a baby girl. I went and asked my dad for the money for the ultrasound and he gave it to me so off I went to the diagnostic building near my boarding house. My friends were very excited even more than me which was really funny.

It was really something else to see your baby on screen with the head and arms and hands and feet plus hear the heartbeat. Almost made me cry and realize that whoa there is a tiny human in my tummy growing and that we are link together, she can eat what I eat and drink and feel my emotions too. I made it a point then to be always happy and not worry about stuff because I already heard that emotions can have a very big impact on how your baby is gonna turn out when she comes out.

I also had lots of supports from my parents and my sister melody. Since this is my first baby all I have are questions whether this or that is normal and thanks to my sister who already went through pregnancy and motherhood she answers all my questions and tells me what to ask my OB. I really enjoyed being pregnant. Nobody really tells you not to eat and you all know that eating is one of my passions. The special attention also that my friends and family gave me added to that peace of mind I had while I went through the ordeal of pregnancy.

Standing up for 3 hours,walking to and fro and a tad of running was my daily regime for about 8 months until I finished my 1 year culinary course at PSCA ( Philippine School of Culinary Arts) here in Cebu. My friends always makes me sit down or assume some heavy work plus they feed me constantly so I was in food heaven hahahaahh.

Well back to my baby's picture. While the lady was doing the ultrasound the butt was the first thing I saw hahahah it was a very cute butt. She was in footling breach position but I was told not to worry because she is still gonna move into position as it was still early. She was ultrasound shy, she keeps covering her face with her hands but we did get a semi clear picture and she was smiling. When it came for her biometrics the doctor was a guy and so he teasingly said that the baby was shy because her legs where crossed so he wasn't able to get a good view of the genitals. At first he said that it was 88% girl but eventually he said that it was really a girl and I was like so happy.

35 weeks and 6 days later my baby was born in a normal delivery and that is another story.