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Tuesday, June 14, 2011


June 22 is the big day. You may ask me why. Ok I'm asking why? Well it is the day of my graduation for the completion of my 1 year course in culinary arts. Yipeeee I am done. My dad won't be attending because he said he has an important meeting to attend to. That's ok too since my mom and stepdad will be there with me as well as my friend Gail and my cousin Dominic. I am really excited to graduate and then I will be starting work soon too so I'm really happy. Will have graduation portrait taken soon so will be posting it in the coming days.

Baby was fussing today while I was out my mom told me. I don't know but somehow when I go out she fusses a lot. Hmmm maybe she wanted to go with me? What do you think?


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