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Monday, June 6, 2011

Together Forever!

I was browsing through some news here on the web and found one that caught my attention. In my past blogs I wrote about becoming a new mommy. I always thought that when one gets pregnant she becomes connected to her son or daughter in more ways than one. I always used to believe that mother's know best and that is one of the reasons why while I was growing up I rarely go out with friends or anyone without consulting my mom because I believe that if she says no to me then she was just looking out for me you know like preventing me from being in any accidents or bad situations, mother's instinct as we call it and I don't mean to say that this connection only exist between mother and daughter because it does exist between siblings too.

I was so touched when I read about the article between twin brothers who were both priests. People said in the article that they were just simple people who lived simple lives and that they often did everything together. They give a different meaning to the word doing it together and if you want to know what I meant then read the article yourselves. Life is a wonder isn't it?