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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Angel VS. Devil

This blog is still about dreams. I don't know why but while I was pregnant with Baby Alyssa I kept having this weird dreams, the first one being the Tree of Life and now it's all about Angel versus Devil kind.

I dreamed of my guardian angel who happens to be the Prince of the Heavenly Hosts. Yes you got that right he is none other than St. Michael the archangel. I never really thought that he could be my guardian angel. I can't remember all the happenings in the dream but I'm gonna write the things that I do remember.

I saw St. Michael's face in my dream he was very handsome and tall and although I can't stop looking at him he doesn't have this lust after me kind of handsomeness to it. I can't explain it well but I found that I was just so mesmerized by him and yet wasn't lusting after him. And yes he was that handsome. Well on with the story, I remember he said "Your baby is important" I really don't know what he meant when he said that but I just took it as it was. I saw his mortal and angel form and boy he was so big and tall and shiny or should I say glowing.

The next scene was Michael in my family. He seemed to be a member of it and yet it wasn't him. I felt something different. He was very nice and good and saint like even but I just felt something amiss. Then I saw another man this time he wasn't handsome but he was big and strong yet he was gentle and he told me he was Michael. I was really confused since I saw the Michael I talked to within my family circle. He was insistent yet not forceful. He told me that the one with my family is not who he says he is. He then told me something but I don't remember exactly but the gist of it was that false prophet will be sent or will present himself. He told me to trust my instinct and my faith in the Father.

And so the next scene was me with the Michael in my family who was very charismatic and nice that everyone was eating right out of his hands and in this dream my baby already existed I mean she was already born and this being kept or wants to be very close with my daughter. I did pray to the Father for guidance on what I should do? Who should I believe, the one who looks like him in all ways or the other one who looked like a hoodlum?

I pondered and remembered myself praying and then the next scene was me piercing Michael in the heart with a long sword. As I did this I felt relieved yet afraid but then Michael as an Angel appeared again full battle gear. He didn't say anything to me but he looked at me and smiled and I felt that I had his approval and then I woke up with my baby moving in my tummy.

I don't know what to make of this dream but I know I will eventually know.