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Friday, June 5, 2009

Elaborate Plan!

My mom always told me that God has long and elaborate plans. I really believe her since our life is a good example of that. We all used to live in Ormoc City. My mom was married at young age of 15 and she had me at 16. It wasn't a very good life for her or for us at one time because of all the family troubles. So mom practically raised us herself with help from my loving grandparents. Eventually we came to cebu and studied here and it is here that I really grew up. After this I believe that it was all part of God's plan for my family. You might ask me why, well if my parents didn't separate we wouln't have come to cebu and my grandparents wouldn't have followed us here and establish a business. In 1990 or was it 1991 there was a big flash flood in Ormoc, a lot of people died and business died as well. So you see God has already prepared my grandparents to have a business here in Cebu or all of us in the family would have been so lost financially. We are not rich mind you but we are comfortable compared to most people. Eventually we all grew up here in cebu.

Then my mom met my stepdad who was a martial arts instructor and is just a year older than me. And yes he is a great guy and no I don't mind that he is younger than my mom. After all she has been through she deserves to be happy and John makes her happy so we are all happy for her. It is through John that we met a very good friend of ours Anton. He is an englishman who has a martial arts school in england.He came here to study Escrima (arnis) which is what my stepdad is teaching. It was his first time here and he didn't know anybody but mom felt that he is a good guy so she invited him to our humble home and that was 12 years ago. He has become our benefactor. He has been extremely good to us. Through him we met a lot of wonderful people. Through Anton we met Linda and her kids and they were the one who gifted us with this computer thus paved way for my sister to meet her wonderful husband online. My sister is now a happily married woman with 2 daughters. So you see everything just fell into place.Isn't that just amazing how everything was planned?God really is good.