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Friday, June 26, 2009

Grieving for an Idol!

I was still half asleep when my stepdad came into their room which is where I am camping out at the moment. heheheheh I know I should be ashamed of myself for taking away their privacy but it's the only room with air conditioner and it's really hot. Anyways, he came up to get something when he just casually let it slip out that Michael Jackson is dead. My mom was like "What? ARe you serious?" She didn't really believed him and so did I. It was like in my mind him dying young is quite impossible but the minute I came downstairs I hopped in the computer and there was the confirmation Michael had indeed died of cardiac arrest, at least that was what was said in the article. I was really sad because although he hasn't been active much lately but he is an icon in the music industry and his death is a great blow to the music world. I know that a lot of the fans from all over the world are mourning his death and I am one of them. Goodbye Michael and I hope that you are at peace now.

In another side of the story I wonder what would happen to his children. Would they remain faceless or would their pictures be posted for all to see since I for one haven't seen any of his children. I do hope that they will be ok and that they won't live a sad life.