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Monday, March 2, 2009

Dry Cough! Ouch it really hurts

After I had my fever and runny nose these past days I thought that I would feel much much better but I was dead wrong. Now I have a very hard and dry cough and it really hurts like hell. It even hurts to breath. I guess it's because some of my muscles really hurt from coughing. It's good thought that my throat isn't as itchy anymore. It really really sucks to have this kind of cough. I would have preferred the loose one. I feel like putting a tube inside my lungs and then have all my phlegm sucked out... gee if only I could.

Although eating some oranges first thing in the morning seemed to loosen the ohhh so yucky phlegm a bit. I cough and I cough and it hurts and hurts oh what is a girl to do to get rid of this nasty cough.What is a girl to do I say!!!!