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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Rust away with you!

I was hunkering to eat cookies yesterday so I thought to myself why don't I bake me some chocolate chip cookies. So off I went to the kitchen to look for my baking sheet, what I saw made me wince and shudder. Come on I dare you to guess. Yup you guessed it right there was a big Rust smack in the middle of the sheet. I was asking myself how and why it got rusty.

I sure do hate cleaning up rust. Often times I use bleach and it's hell on my nostrils not to mention all those chemicals. I sure wouldn't want food to touch it or my hands for that matter. Although I'm not yet married and don't have kids but I am always sort of practicing to be one so I always talk to a lot of mothers about cleaning and health issues so I would always ask them what would be best used in cleaning the home. A lot of them said natural and organic is a must in every household. I am pretty sure now I will be able to find organic rust removers. Since my sister is already married and already a mother naturally I would turn to her for advice. I asked her to recommend me product which is safe to use on things specially my baking wares. She then led me to MyCleaningProducts. All I can say is wow. All those natural ingredients they use would surely infuse all that nature goodness energy into my home . It would be good for my lungs specially my nostrils and what more they have something called the Rusterizer which would make all my rust stain problems disappear in a jiffy. It is like having Ghostbusters but with rust and not Ghost. Not only would it take care of my baking rust problems but it is the answer to my garden rust problems as well. My plants would be singing praises with nature on their side. I am going for that clean and green feeling in my home.