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Monday, March 23, 2009

Summer Craze Experience

Yesterday was Sunday and guess what I did? Went to church? Nope try again. Went to the movies? Nope not that either. Had Sex? Ohhh no definitely not that. If I had sex yesterday then it would probably be a lousy one since I am still barking like a dog every now and again from this blasted cough. Not that I have had sex before while coughing because I even haven't had sex period. Darn see what you did you made me spill. It was suppose to be my deepest secret and besides I'm getting off track with you and your sex talk. Oops sorry witch chef Chay was interrupting me again. Hey just because your kiss turned your prince into a frog doesn't give you the right to be the star all the time. Pahhleeez zip it coz I have a blog to write. Nah ah no zip it I say. No. Nay ohh finally a word she understands. Sorry folks I apologize for witchy. Now where was I?

Oh yes yesterday I was invited by my bestfriend Anding on a beach outing. Mom usually doesn't give her permission when it's beach outing because according to her there would be lots of drinking and merry making and that it might be dangerous to travel back since she is definitely sure the driver would also be drinking. I know a lot of you right now are raising their eyebrows about me needing the permission when I am old enough yakity yak . Well since I am living at home with my mom I respect her rules. And she has very good reasoning why she is apprehensive with outings like these specially for us filipinos. Oh we do so love the booze specially on special occasions not only that though but big on food and music. Any ways here I am rambling again.

We went to a place called Vanyo beach and it is located in Mactan island. It was a despidida party for one of Anding's officemate and a celebration for 2 law graduates. It has been ages since I went to the beach so I was very excited. I love the place and since it was a Sunday there were lots and lots of people. Family get togethers specially now that it is summertime.There were a lot of kids there with their floating devices and some blown out black tires to keep them afloat. They were being rented out by the people who run the place. They paid for the cottage which was 300 pesos for a maximum of 10 persons and the additional are 20 pesos each. There was no time limit so you could stay all day although I didn't quite asked what time they close at night.

We really well most specially me had an awesome time. We ate and ate and chatted about and naturally there was drinking but I didn't touch the beer. There was a german with us and it was lots of fun convincing him to try different foods. There were a lot of people in the water both kids and old alike. Not to worry I took a lot of pictures so I'm gonna share them here.Ok here goes.

I have more pics coming soon. I will be blogging about some of the interesting things I saw there at the beach. Well I'm gonna say tata for now, time to attend to what witchy wants. " Ok witchy your turn to talk" turning around " Witchy yohooo? Now where did that girl go? I bet she is playing with herself again. Playing dress up I mean " Hah you dirty minded you.


shydub March 23, 2009 at 10:53 PM  

ayyy kaalegre gud ninyo chay, mingawon mn sd ta sa banyo bech dha syudad sa sugbo. Sus saging ug ginamos naa sa akong manghunahuna karn nagtan aw sa imu mga pics.

Marlene March 24, 2009 at 12:58 AM  

Hi Chay, I can tell that you're a person with a great sense of humour, hehee! I lived with my mother until I reached 29 and before that I couldn't go somewhere without asking permissions, too.

Aha! Bisaya pala ka ha, pareho pala ta. Kapag mag-beach na gani, sigurado jud daghan pagkaon, hahaa!

Btw, thanks for the info about Perla and Chin chun Su. I'll tell my pamangkins about it.