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Thursday, September 4, 2008


I don't know what it is about Ayala Mall but I always get lost. Well my navigational skill has never been good anyways so I guess that is part of it. Every first week of the month I have to go there for personal reasons.. heheheh.. It's a big secret.

Of course I am not there for sight seeing purposes or window shopping for that matter. Although I am a girl I'm not into shopping. If I happen to go to the store it would be to buy groceries or look at recipe books at National bookstore. I used to be a romantic novel fan but since I have most of the books from my favorite author I opted for recipes.

Just after I had lunch I went to ayala to have a print out of my pictures for scrapbooking. So I went there gave my disk and payed then was told to come back at around 2:35 that's about 30 minutes of waiting so I went to the department store and I browsed. I bought a loofah by the way. I was walking around ohh sipping strawberry shake, hmmm I almost forgot to tell you guys that so anyways I walked and walked until it was time to go back. I don't know what I did but I ended up circling and circling to find the store inorder to get my pics. Whew that was hell on my feet but at least I burned some fats I think. Not sure thought as I don't feel any different. hahahahahah.

Well that has been my day. I wonder what I will be doing tomorrow. Ta ta.