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Monday, September 22, 2008

My mom and stepdad's 12th anniversary party!

My mom and stepdad celebrated their 12th year anniversary today. It was supposed to be on sept. 15th but since my stepdad was in australia they decided to celebrate it at a later date and that was today. It was just a simple BBQ party almost everything was grilled. We had chicken bbq, pork bbq, longanisa, inasal(roasted pig), and pork belly crispy pata style, then we had rice lots and lots of rice with a little salad on the side. Loads of coke and ice and also lots of spicy vinegar for the dippings. It was a whole day affair of eating and chatting with just the family and some very close friends. Here are the food pics :

Looking at them again makes my mouth water. I think I'm hungry again. I shouldn't, on a diet you know. We ate and we talked and then crammed ourselves in my mom's room as you will see in the pics that follows. Highlights of the party:

So there, that's all that happened to me today. Enjoy.