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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The six hour boxes turned a few days

At long last my boxes are all finished. Just this afternoon I put some varnish on my newspaper covered boxes, here's what they looked like before :

I forgot to take a pic of it in its raw form. The pic you see is of the boxes covered in rolled newspaper. Just imagine I had to roll those one by one and cut them one by one and glue them one by one to the boxes. Here are the boxes with the designs I thought up:

At this point my brain is almost having a seizure from thinking what else to do heheheheh. They look pretty enough don't you think and finally here are the finished products with colors and varnish.Almost everything is made of newpaper and cardboard with little shells.

And here they are all together :
Now I can put my favorite novels in them.


Anonymous September 10, 2008 at 10:57 AM  

wow! mitz... i envy your craftsmanship and talent. i would love to do that but i just don't have the skill.

those are very beautiful and what a way to recycle!

kittykat September 17, 2008 at 10:34 AM  

your boxes looks amazing..i think you can even make it into a business of some sort...very creative and nicely done..

Insanely Chay is.... September 18, 2008 at 12:28 AM  

Thanks a lot guys. I did have fun making them. My brain turned into much from all the ideas heheheheh.It was a good thing that it came out pretty.