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Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Last night while I was crocheting and watching our teleserye "dyesebel" at the same time I was craving for something sweet like a cake or a cookie. Most of the time I would just whip something up but then when I checked the cupboards I was out of flour. BUMMER!

Ching Ching thats the sound I heard in my mind. I'm going to ayala tomorrow I thought to myself.. Hmmmm I wonder what goodies I'm gonna get. So the characters were fighting in the tele and then I thought AHA! I'm gonna buy some doughnuts. Ohhh thinking of that sweet strawberry filled dunkin donuts and that choco butternut hmmm made my mouth water and so I looked at mom with my droopy puppy eyes and said " Mom can I buy donuts tomorrow? " One look at me and she said " YES" and then I said yes yes yes but only in my mind hehehehehe.

When I got to ayala they were out of the choco butternut which was my favorite but my eyes caught the little round munchkins... It was talking to me saying " I'm a choco butternut, buy me pleaseeeee". Who could resist that and so I bought a box of munchkins which cost 99 pesos for 35 pieces and what do you know it's almost all gone as I am writing this post.

Yum yum . (Sticking my tongue out licking the little speck of powdered sugar at the corner of my mouth.)