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Wednesday, September 3, 2008


SPINSTER. I dread hearing that word. Is it in denial? I just don’t know. My mom would often tell me that I’m turning into one. I laughed at it but then realized as I am holding a thread and a crochet needle crocheting the day away.. I AM TURNING INTO A SPINSTER! Boo hu hu hu! Is it really so bad though to turn into one?. At times I tell myself that it is a fact in life but then again I long to have a husband and kids to take care of.

I am happy with my life right now, to be able to take care of my mom is such a wonderful thing. It makes me feel like heaven to do something even an ounce I can reciprocate what she has done for me and my sister. So I ask myself again when did this start? My becoming a spinster that is.

I look back into my younger years. I am 31 right now and at the last stage in the calendar as what we mostly refer to and then I’m falling of the grid so to speak. I did have boyfriends but then I never once thought of having sex which was what the girls my age where pretty much doing. I don’t know if I am just plain weird or is it because I was informed or educated by my mom about sex and all and I could ask her anything and she would answer me in details. I am thankful to my mom for doing that as I have witnessed my friends or girls I don’t know suffer and go through unwanted pregnancies.

Being irritable and short tempered are the signs they say of becoming a spinster. Let me see… small things irritate me and then I get off the handle sometimes with every little things… Oh my God I am turning into one… I was beginning to think that I am just a late bloomer, but alas my dreams have been shattered. Hahahhahahahah . Kidding aside I don’t think turning into a spinster is such a bad thing, for one I can be irritable and short tempered and blame it on that.

But in the farthest region of my mind and heart I still have hope that somewhere someone will claim me to be his bride.