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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Beautify the home!

We just transferred to a new apartment not long ago and I have a lot of stuff to deal with but not a lot of space to place them. I have lots and lots of romantic novels which I love to read, recipe books that I constantly use because I love to cook and the shoes that I love to wear not to mention my little decoration trinkets. Right now some of my things are still in their respective boxes. I have been planning to do some home improvements without actually doing too much damage on the place. I want to make a detachable shelf without those nails or screw damaging the walls. My stepdad is handy when it comes to carpentry so I'm gonna pester him about it hahahahaha.

On another note my mom loves her plant and wanted to liven up the place so what she did was put up some wood on the walls outside the apartment and hanged some plants. It sure made a lot of difference in beautifying the place.In fact here are the before and after look.

Mom and I love looking at some Home Improvement Blog online. We found a good blog with great ideas to offer in different categories too and that is the Luxury Housing Trends and Home Improvement ideas. I particularly love those End Grain Wood cutting board for the kitchen in their accessories category and mom loved the Columnar Apple trees for patios and small yards found in the lawn and garden category.She is just so crazy about apple trees.We can't wait to browse for more so come join us.


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