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Saturday, April 11, 2009

2 in 1

My mom is a very artistic person just like my grandmother. Both of them love wood furniture. So just like them I learned to love it. There is this site called scenic furniture and I saw all their products on the site and they are awesome. If you have a cabin or a house near nature then this would be very appropriate. As I was browsing there what really caught my attention was their cutting boards because as you all know I love to cook. They have more than one design on their site but this particular Dark Stripe Serpentine Walnut Cutting Board caught my eye. I like the design that it has curves at the side so it would be easy to hold onto if you are carrying it towards the table. Or you can just put it propped up or lying down as a sort of decoration in your kitchen. And since the color is light and neutral it would match any table you have. So you not only get a functional board but a decoration at the same time so its like you have two different things in 1, and besides every kitchen needs a good cutting board.