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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Adventure is the name of the game!

My sister who is in Delaware is planning a trip to Las Vegas because she has been invited by a friend. I'm so excited for her because from what I've seen through television shows , Las Vegas is a happening place. It seems like it never sleeps at all so everyone is doing something fun and exciting. I have been asking her if she is gonna watch any of the Las Vegas Shows but she is still undecided so I searched online for shows that she might like to see and I am so amazed at how many popular shows there are, so I decided to pester my sister into seeing "Phantom" and that she must purchase her ticket at before she goes there so that she will surely be able to see that fantastic show. We saw the movie Phantom of the Opera so I'm pretty sure the broadway show is awesome too.

Not only can she get a ticket for a show but she can also get tickets for tours. I sure would love to see Las Vegas in a bird's eye view and yes one will be riding a helicopter. Oh boy I'm so excited for her and I hope that she will do a lot of activities while she is there and send me all the pictures. So all you guys out there planning a trip to Las Vegas get your tickets in advance and have the adventure of a lifetime.