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Saturday, May 2, 2009

No more sleepless nights!

In the old neighborhood where we used to live there were a lot of big houses so a lot of break-ins were happening. Our house was one of the many places they broke into. We were very relax when it came to protection since we had a high fence surrounding the house and thought that it could protect us but the robbers were just too witty. They climbed over our wall using the other house's fence . It wasn't a very nice feeling when you know that people have invaded your private space. I wished that we had a wireless security system back then, we would have been alerted when the theft was happening or it could have prevented the burglars from getting in.

Today I found that we don't have to worry at all because there is Protect America. It is a wireless security system company that provides state of the art security system. They have different packages to choose from and I picked the Gold Package.It has a talking control panel, internal siren, door chime and 15 doors and windows sensor. Wow! 15? I don't think you or I will have sleepless nights anymore. And if you call their toll free number which is 877-470-2751 now you will get 2 key chain remotes with your order. Now who doesn't like freebies? I sure love them. So what are you guys waiting for? Jump in and push all those sleepless nights aside.