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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Visiting Girlfriends!

Last night my girlfriends Gail and Christina were here visiting me and as I said in my previous post that we were gonna have a buwad session and we did. I didn't get to buy budo but still we had buwad for dinner as well as pork in oyster sauce. We had so much fun chatting about things while we ate that I couldn't stop laughing. After eating we went online in facebook and just checked out our friends. Asking whos who in there.

A few minutes after that we decided to pop some corns and watch a movie but when we turned on the TV there was a special on Manny and Hatton that we just had to watch. Today John went to CDP to watch the fight since the Grandmaster had Payperview and would be watching it as they happen. I would have wanted to watch with them but there won't be anyone left with mom so I just had to content myself with their txt messages.