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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Come and get addicted with me!

Just recently mom wanted me to search on the net for some flowerpots for her to grow her flowers in. The net is a big place to be if you want to search for something and at times it gets overwhelming and tiring because you have to click loads of link to find that one product you wanted plus you have to make sure that you aren't clicking on a virus infected site so searching is kinda becoming a big hassle for me. I so wish for just one site where I can possibly find all the things I wanted.

As if a genie granted me my wishes I found the perfect product whiz where I can get all of my gardening needs. Shopwiki is wickedly awesome.But please sit , sip your lemonade and enjoy what else I have to say about this amazing find. I tested and tried the site myself and it amazed me a whole lot how easy it is to navigate and search what I was looking for. Since my mom loves the green stuff and I don't mean money, I tried to search for things that would enhance my mom's humble little garden and what do you know pooof there they are just like that ,you get garden accents, structurs and other useful decors.

That was for mom so it's my turn to search for my special finds. I love to cook and bake so naturally I want something for my kitchen.I found some kitchen goodies that I love and needed. Oh my , Oh my , Oh my it's like my birthday and Christmas rolled into one. But wait my stepdad wanted to jump in the bandwagon and viola he found his niche. So shopwiki isn't just for moms and daughters it is for dads too.

What's great about this site is that you can refine your search by way of prices,brands and colors plus they put list of the stores where you can get them. Now isn't that just awesome? I don't know about you but I'm getting addicted already. Thank you shopwiki.