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Saturday, May 9, 2009

There is no place like home!

When I was young I remember asking my mom why people go to work. I was a very curious child yet a quiet one, very observant I was told. My mom told me that people go to work in order to provide their families with food on the table, clothes to wear and to provide a good roof over their heads. I wasn't really sure if I understood what those meant at that time I asked the question but now that I am all grown up and not just grown up but already old I sure understand what those means.

Speaking of roofs, have you ever experienced a time when you were woken up by a drip drip sound? Well I have and most of the time it was the roof leaking when it rained. A leaking roof can do a lot of damage because it can spread out to the ceiling, destroy wooden frames and creates messes from the puddles that might gather as the water drips.

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