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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Finally I've tasted the durian flavored ice cream!

I went out to Ayala Center today to go to the bank and withdrew some money for the house budget sent by our dear friend Anton. It wasn't as hot today because it's a bit gloomy I mean rain is threatening to pour down. I also went grocery shopping and the things I bought are quickmelt cheese for my pizza making later on, a big bag of cornflakes, shampoo, 4 rolls of toilet paper, ube hopia , cooked square ham, concentrated juice powder and some biscuits. Since I've been there the other day and saw pippos ice cream I have been wanting to try the durian flavor and I finally did it this afternoon. Yeheyyy me. It was really delicious. The smell wasn't overpowering and I do so love durian. I wish I had my cam with me so I could have taken a pic of myself eating heheheh I don't know what people would be thinking if they see me do that heheheh. When I got home I transferred some files from the computer to my stepdad's 500gb mass storage thingy. Now I'm all done so back to blogging and dropping ec's and checking blogs.